Summary of the Mouassa Islamic Association Activities

  • The Mouassa Islamic Association has been established in 1910
  • His Eminence Sheikh Yassin Mohammed Roushdy heads the Association


  • Collecting alms tax money and distributing them to deserving families in need in Alexandria.
  • Contributing by all means and funds to families who have suffered from disasters.
  • Giving donations to patients with incurable illness.
  • Presenting emergency donations in case of surgical operations and artificial parts. Contributing in compensations given in pro fires disasters and assisting in building houses for newly transformed peoples to Islam.
  • To spread out the Islamic culture through extensive communication with Islamic centers all over the world and supporting them with resources such as books, newsletters and free Holy Qur’an which helps them in propagating for Islam in their countries. Replying to the inquiries about Islam and in giving Fatwa to those who want.
  • Different social and charity aspects such as building nurseries Sports centers for the youth and medical center as well as orphans support and Education support.

Activities of the Committee of Culture Propagation

Summary of the committee’s activities: -
  • Looking for addresses of different Islamic centers and associations all over the world.
  • Corresponding and communicating with these centers and offering our services such as:-
    1. Receiving their inquiries and replying to them.
    2. Supplying them with Islamic books in different languages such as (English- French- German – Arabic).
    3. Supplying them with the Holy Qur’an in the Arabic language and translations of the interpretations of the Qur’an in English, French and German.
    4. Supplying them with explanations of the Holy Qur’an presented by His Eminence Sheikh Yassin Roushdy on tapes.

The Committee’s Expenses:

  • Customs formalities on books, tapes, mail stamps and registration fees. And preparation of the packages and money orders to the Ministry of Culture and stationary.
  • All the expenses are covered by the generous donations of the mosque’s attendants.

The Committee’s Expenses:

The committee is now corresponding with more than 1500 Islamic centers in the U.S.A, Germany, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Togo , K.S.A , the Philipine , Nigeria, and Australia. The largest numbers of these centers are located in the Republic of Ghana as it is a Christian country and the Christian Missionaries are very active in this part of the world.

Activities of Al- Zakah (Alms Tax) Committee

  • Historical summary of the committee’s formation and its development during 10 years
  • Al- Zakah committee was formed on 07/08/1981 according to the resolution number 30. All legal procedures were undergone for its formation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Nasser’s Social Bank.
  • Later on the committee’s activities developed greatly and it gained the trust and the prominence amongst other committees in Alexandria, thanks to God and then to the loyalty of the volunteers in this area.

Divisions of the Committee:

1. Fundamental Section.
2. Medical Section.
3. Boxes opening committee.
4. Computers.
5. Truth investigation committee and payment.
6. Documentary committee for registration of all donations and contributions.

Assessment of the committee’s achievements during the previous year:

  • In view of the assessment of the committee’s achievements, we can say that there was a noticeable expansion in this field. The All Mighty God due to the utter benevolence bestows this expansion upon us by increasing the resources of the committee.
  • This is due to love of all the mosque’s attendees to our Sheik, His Eminence Yassine Roushdy. Our mosque has become an archetype of the ideal mosque in Alexandria and all of Egypt as well.

The committee succeeded in all missions assigned to it in each and every aspect:

  • Studying the cases and investigating them. Preparing separate reports for each case. Calculating the monthly allowance and delivering it. Accurate documentation and book-keeping of all accounts. Continuing follow-up and reassessing of deserving cases. Supporting families and patients with incurable diseases.
  • One time loan. Zakat Alfitr. Assistance in Pilgrimage costs. Support on School fees for those in need
  • Total number of those who benefited from this program exceeds 3450 families supported by the collected money from the mosque’s attendants.
  • The committee divided the Alexandria into 24 section serviced by the committee by regular aids, medical treatment and contributions in marriage expenses.

Activities of the Committee of Islamic Culture Propagation

The Mouassa Mosque

  • Printing and distributing of tapes for religious subjects preached by His Eminence Sheikh Yassine Roushdy such as:-
    1. The Holy Qur’an Explanation.
    2. Explanation of Hadiths from Al-Bukhâri.
    3. He Is ALLAH.
    4. Pillars (Principles) of Islam.
    5. The Holy Hadiths.
    6. Prohibited deeds.
    7. Islamic Morals and Ethics.
    8. Brief and Expressive Statements.
    9. The Ideal Islamic Upbringing.
    10. Amongst the Companions of Prophet Muhammad.
    11. The Prophet’s Wives and Daughters.
    12. Sufism. Pros and Cons.
    13. Some of the Islamic Principles.
    14. Some Meditations in the Verses of the Holy Qur’an.
    15. The Holy Qur’an, Science and Eloquence.
  • Communicating with more than 1500 Islamic Centers in the whole world and supporting them with religious books (in English, French and English), newsletters and tapes.
  • Translating the Arabic books of His Eminence Sheikh Yassine Roushdy to English and French such as. “He Is ALLAH”, “Pillars (Principles) of Islam”, “Prohibited deeds”, “Islamic Morals and Ethics”.